Slogans on Save Trees

Save Trees, Plant Trees

Stop the chop.

Save Trees, Save Environment.

Protect green, protect yourself

Don’t be a bug, give trees a hug.

Cut the greed, not the green

Save birds and the bees,stop cutting down the trees.

Cutting trees is not at all fair,if you want to breathe really fresh air.

Trees are the lungs of earth,saving them is definitely worth.

Saving trees means saving humanity;be wise and stop this insanity.

Trees are the most valuable asset;without them, our lives will be on threat.

Trees are gift from nature,save them for sustainable future.

Trees are god gifted treasure;their absence will increase environmental pressure.

Trees are nature’s boon,without them we all will die soon.

No fruits, no birds, no beautiful song;without trees we cannot live for long.

Save trees to combat climate change;or earth will definitely take it’s revenge

Save trees all 365 days,to get protected from ultra-violet rays

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