Save Turtles Slogans

Save our Sea Turtles

You see the difference, a turtle doesn’t (For plastic pollution)

Slow to run but fast to run out! Save the turtles

If you find a turtle in the net while fishing, put it in the water again without missing.

Turtles were found everywhere, soon they will be nowhere. Save the turtles.

Turtle is a cold-blooded creature, let’s save them with all our pleasure.

Turtles are vanishing at a faster rate, poaching is causing a very big threat.

Sea Turtles lay eggs in the sand, cruel pet trade needs to be banned.

Turtle’s shell is beautiful and strong, illegal pet trade is very very wrong.

Turtles have webbed feet, don’t kill them for a tasty meat.

Turtles love to bask in the warm sun, help them grow in a long run.

Many turtle species are becoming endangered, poachers have made, their future blurred.

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