Save Crocodiles Slogans

Save our crocodiles!

Save the mighty alligators

Big crocodiles weigh more than a ton; don’t eat their meat, just for fun.

Crocodile’s jaws have supreme power and force; stop captivating them, for entertaining shows.

Crocodile’s ancestors were so much bigger; without reptiles, our ecosystem will be in trouble.

Crocodiles have the strongest bite; killing them for skin is, not at all right!

Crocodiles have a good night vision; let’s save them from shameful extinction.

Brain of a crocodile is fairly small; instead of killing, let’s save them all.

Crocodiles can keep open their jaw underwater; and grow very big, especially in saltwater.

Crocodile’s night vision is very very good; fish, birds and frogs are their favourite food.

Crocodiles carry their babies in their mouth; save water today, don’t let them die in drouth.

Alligators have webbed feet; and love to eat fish & meat.

Crocodile is a cold-blooded creature, let’s save them, with all our pleasure.

Crocodiles often sleep with their mouths open; without them, food chain will be broken.

Alligators cannot sweat through their skin; help save them, by keeping water clean.

Crocodiles don’t chew their food; don’t go near them, for your own good.

Crocodiles actually eat without chewing; to save their species, keep the funds flowing.

Stop killing crocs for meat and skin; let’s save them, don’t be mean.

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