Save Earthworms Slogans

Earthworms are important. Save the earthworms

Earthworms are farmer’s friends. Save them.

Earthworms are Wonder Worms

Earthworms breathe through their skin; treat them with respect, don’t be so mean.

Slimy Earthworms may look disgusting; but their benefits are just so interesting.

Earthworms tunnel deeply in the soil; without them, our future will be in turmoil.

Earthworm’s slime contains nitrogen; which provides soil, a great nutrition.

An Earthworm has no arms, legs or eyes; still it is important, don’t go on its size.

Earthworms can eat their weight each day, give them good soil to eat, grow and play.

Earthworms are hermaphrodites*, save them now or you will pay the price. (*Each worm has both male and female organs)

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