Save Birds Slogans

Protect our feathered friends! Save Birds

Birds are God’s natural drones.

It’s time to feed some birds!

Save our thirsty friends! Keep water for birds

Everyone is unique and important. Save our Birds

Let’s set them free! Say NO to caging

Thousands of birds die in summer without water… Save them

It’s our duty, to save nation’s beauty.

Wild and free, that’s the way to be… Save our birds

Birds: Nature’s own pest control (birds eat insects)

Make a revolution, to reduce radiation.

Birds are good, but not your food.

Don’t kill birds blindly, save them very kindly.

Birds make you smile, let them live for a while.

Chirpy birds give lot of pleasure, always conserve this golden treasure.

Save birds and the bees, stop cutting down the trees.

No fruits, no birds, no beautiful song; without trees we cannot live for long.

Birds look great when they fly, don’t let our chirpy friends die.

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