Natural Disasters Slogans

You can handle it better if you stay prepared

Preparation is a mark of maturity

Always be ready to face an emergency

Preparations don’t allow the disasters to take a huge shape

We don’t know when that moment will arrive, and that is the reason why we need to stay prepared all the time

Disaster management —- learn the crux before it is too late

Disaster management – Inculcate it  before it is too late

When disaster management becomes the goal

Make disaster management a  way of your life

Before it is too long, disaster management will become the order of the day

Because it is like breathing life into you

When disaster management becomes a part of your life

Disaster management is a state of the mind

Don’t plan for disaster management when it is too late

Preparation beforehand is the most prudent thing

Don’t play with fire so often

Because it is not a slogan but a way of life

Plan well in advance before it is too late

It is better to be ready rather than to face the disaster

Know the risks beforehand; otherwise, it will be too late

Because disaster management will keep you safe

Emergency preparedness — when even everything fails

Human lives are most important – so is the planning to save

When safety is a great achievement

Let there never be an accident

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