Slogan About Earthquake

It destroyed and disturbed everyone 

Nature punishes you 

It’s arise due to fault 

Fault in four major parts

Effects human beings residing at the place 

It damage everything

It can harm or can not be 

Earthquake reflects bad effects 

Effect the man 

Effect the whole area 

Effect the political stabiloty of area 

Effect the nature adversely 

Don’t misuse nature 

Happens when misuse of nature is done. 

Effects on the earth’s surface 

Effects the economy

Don’t play with nature 

Nourish yourself with nature 

Don’t destroyed your earth 

Earthquake comes on earth 

It turns out to be death 

Two blocks of the earth slip 

Slip past one another

Fault or fault plane

Initial at hypocenter and location above is epicenter 

Earthquake has foreshocks 

Smaller earthquakes or larger ultimately effects 

Earthquake gives mainshock

Mainshock followed by aftershock 

It continue for weeks 

Continue for years, and you have to bear 

Depend upon its size 

Earth has four major layers

Earthquake occurs at any layer 

Inner core of outer core

Mantle and crust. 

Crust and mantle top surface 

Puzzle pieces, tectonic plates

Edges of the plates are plate boundaries

Plate boundaries has many faults 

Occur on these faults

Edges of the plates are rough

Edges stuck; rest of the plate keeps moving

Edges of faults, stuck together

Block is moving, people apprehending 

Energy stored up and destroyed 

Force of moving blocks jagged and energy stored 

Jagged edges, fault arise 

Fault in all forms 

Effects the thousand lives 

Seismic waves ripples in a pond 

Seismic waves shakes the earth and cause earthquake 

Its effect underground 

It affects the earth 

It has a lot of disadvantage 

No advantage just gave disadvantage 

Record by the instruments called seismograph 

Seismogram is a tool

It sets in the ground 

Heavyweight that hangs free

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