Littering Slogans

Trash doesn’t belong everywhere

Litter belongs in the bin 

Keep it clean

Littering makes you a bitter one

Spread awareness not the garbage

Believe in recycle

Try recycling, it’s fun

Reuse, don’t misuse

Ditch the junk

Show the junk its place

Pick it up yourself

Pollution is avoidable

Act sensibly, do not litter

For a better planet

Protect the greenery

Littering is for fools

Keep your city clean

Not your street to litter

Keep your dirty deeds to yourself

Your garbage is yours to clean

Do not leave it for others to clean 

Be on the greener side

Be a part of the clean side

Spread the word to avoid litter

This planet is our only home

Make the planet a better place 

Nurture nature, do not litter

Keep the trash to yourself 

Commit to a clean environment

Experience health with cleanliness

Keep it spotless

Create a better planet 

Keep calm and keep recycling 

Recycling is the future

Be on the green side

Plant green and no littering

Have a clean city 

No littering zone

Not the right thing to do

Be responsible

Keeping clean is our responsibility

Not okay to litter

You don’t own the streets

The street isn’t your ashtray

Keep it in your pockets, not on the streets

© 2022 A Collection of Slogans and Taglines