Anti Litter Campaign Slogans

Keep from littering

Be civil, do not litter

Littering is evil

Think twice before littering

Make a better planet for the generations to come

Nature does not belong with trash

Pick up your litter

The can is for a purpose

The dust bin is calling for you!

Do not let anyone litter

Not a good sight

No other planet is waiting for us

This is no place to litter

Litter and get fined

Pay a price for it

Stop harming the environment

Littering gives birth to diseases

Littering is a no-no

Littering was never an option

Go clean or go home

Let the litter fall in the bin

Get a can 

Cans are not expensive

Stay safe and clean

Clean environment is the ideal one

Never too old to learn

Teach your kids for responsible adults 

Spread the  word, do not litter

Litter knowledge, not trash

Better to can it

Fill the trash can with what it loves

The green side is the fun side

Meet you on the green side

Can never go wrong with green

Choose clean 

Littering is frowned upon

Not cool, is it?

You have no right to litter

No littering can feel amazing

Try not to litter the streets

The streets hate it 

Only a fool can litter

Spill knowledge, not trash

Garbage belongs in the bin

Not littering is not tough

Cleaning is fun

Act responsible enough

Know how not to litter

Littering isn’t welcomed

No littering here

Littering is punishable 

Value being clean

Take a step today

Do it, others will follow

Set a trend

Set an example

Cleaning is easy 

Litter not! 

The floor does not like it 

It’s your job to clean

Clean what you spill

Not the work of the educated

Junk needs the can

None like picking after you

Trashy is not cool

© 2022 A Collection of Slogans and Taglines