Lab Safety Slogans

Priority must be given to laboratory safety.

Our number one concern must be safety in the lab.

You can travel wherever you want as long as you remember to practice safety.

Wear gloves and masks; they are essential.

The importance of lab safety should be mandated for everyone.

Avoid danger at all costs or perish trying.

You are solely responsible for using safety equipment.

Wear a mask and safety gloves.

Working without safety is equivalent to cooking in a gas-lit home.

Remember to practice safety.

Put on a surgical head mask to protect your hair.

All that we need is safety.

If you work with us, we have faith in your safety.

Keep yourself masked and stay protected.

Don’t act foolishly simply to look cool.

Don’t just consider yourself; also consider others.

Don’t allow your steps to slip away; check your shoes.

Safely handle all chemicals.

You own the key to your own protection.

Work in teams and keep an eye out for the others.

Accidents do not lead to safety.

Safety is all we need at times.

Prevent the worst and prioritize safety.

Do not act foolishly; life is a gift from God.

Let safety guide you whether you’re at work or play.

For your family, choose safety.

When it comes to safety, don’t act rashly.

Life is too precious to waste on lab accidents.

Wear your safety equipment; accidents don’t happen to people who take care of themselves.

Always wipe up after use if you do not want to slip.

Clean the lab and every piece of equipment you handled before leaving the lab.

Keep that grip on your life strong, and keep your hands safe.

There is a reason they provide safety gloves.

You don’t want to spoil that beautiful face with an acid slip. Wear your headgear

Make use of your head in order to prevent an injury to your hand.

Practice safe science and use protection.

Keep your footing safe, and use the safety footwear you are provided with.

You want to be able to dance the night away on weekends if you risk them away on the weekdays.

Electricity kills you, burns you, or leaves you disfigured.

Electricity has spectacular ways of killing you.

Paper cuts hurt; try not getting them.

Whenever you are handling chemicals, don’t forget to use gloves.

If you wish to avoid contact with chemicals and keep your hands intact, use gloves.

Make sure the laboratory is well-ventilated before you start with the experiments.

A well-ventilated laboratory prevents you from grave accidents.

Always open chemicals only if you are in a well-ventilated lab.

Always use the right container for the chemical you are handling.

The size is important when the container must contain chemicals.

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