Catchy Chess Slogans

Chess is my lifestyle.

Chess is not considered to be a game of making ideal moves only.

Every single chess player happens to be an artist.

Every chess player is a class of his own.

Chess is essentially a philosopher’s game.

One can consider chess to be a game of war over the board.

The game of chess provides you with freedom of mind.

Chess is my weapon of choice.

You have nothing to lose while playing the game of chess.

Chess helps to make everything better.

While playing chess, you have to overcome many difficult situations.

The good thing about cheese is that it can be whatever you would like it to be.

While playing chess, you’re almost close to being perfect.

I don’t mind playing chess.

Everybody, irrespective of his age, language, religion, and race, can play chess.

90% of chess happens to be a mind game.

One cannot cry while playing chess.

Chess is everything – science, art, as well as sport.

I cannot think of anything but winning while playing chess.

I believe in making the best moves.

Although you might plan poorly, it is better than making no plan at all.

Chess happens to be a game belonging to individuals of all ages.

The game of chess has the power to make individuals happy.

My love for chess is unlimited.

Without chess, my life is meaningless.

99% of chess is based on tactics.

Making a correct move happens to be the essence of playing chess.

Avoid the crowd and play chess peacefully.

It is imperative to study the endgame before learning to win in chess.

I can think of nothing but playing chess.

You will not come across anything more remorse than chess.

I think chess is in every step of my life.

You need to lose plenty of games before becoming a grandmaster.

While playing chess, your mind has to be in top condition.

Wait for your opponent to make mistakes.

I consider chess to be my girlfriend.

Chess provides me with an inner sense of enjoyment.

In case somebody tells that he understands chess, it is not the fact.

Play chess and live your life to the fullest.

Lots of nerves are involved while playing chess.

One bad move will be enough to spoil the entire game.

Winning a chess tournament is my ultimate passion in life.

I simply want to go on playing chess and do nothing else.

Chess happens to be the only thing that the chess players have in common.

Although you make a bad start, you can always hope to win.

My life is meant for playing chess.

A poor plan is better than making no plan whatsoever.

In life, as well as in chess, it is the forethought that wins.

Chess happens to be my ideal companion.

Chess is as mysterious as women.

It is always a good idea to sacrifice the men of your opponent.

Chess is something that can be compared to a drug.

Above all, chess happens to be nothing but a fight.

Tactics need observation, and strategy needs thinking.

It is not possible to win games by good positions, unlike good moves.

I can concentrate more by playing chess.

Chess happens to be an intellectual struggle in the long run.

When I play chess, I cannot think of getting bored.

It will be a good idea to sacrifice the men of your opponent.

Chess demands 100% concentration.

Don’t mind; it is time for chess.

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