Frito-Lay brands slogans


Cheetos slogan

Chee-tos. Cheese that goes crunch!

Hail Chee-sar!

The cheese that goes crunch!

It ain't easy bein' cheesy.

Cracker Jack

Cracker Jack slogan

Slogan: The More You Eat The More You Want.

Doritos  Tortilla chip

Doritos slogan

Tagline: For the bold.

Hostess Potato Chips

Slogan: Cause when you've got the munchies, nothing else will do. Hostess Potato Chips!


Lay's slogan

Slogan: betcha can't eat just one.


Tagline: Ruffles have RRRidges.

Uncle Chipps

Tagline: Bole mere lips. I love Uncle Chipps.

Walkers (snack foods)

Distinctively Salt & Vinegar.

Classically Ready Salted.

Frito-Lay, Inc. is an American subsidiary of PepsiCo that manufactures, markets, and sells corn chips, potato chips, and other snack foods.

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