Liqueurs slogans

Pisa Nut Liqueur

Slogan: Pisa. A whole new slant on things.

Champale Malt Liquor

Ad slogan: Champale. Some People Just Know How to Live.

Kahlua  Mexican coffee liqueur

Kahlua slogan

Kahlua. Enjoy your exotic moment responsibly.

Kahlua. Awaken the spirit.

Midori melon liqueur

Marketing slogan: Midori Margarita: Mix It UP.

Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur

Baileys. Serve Chilled.

Baileys. Let your senses guide you.

The Pleasure Society.

Celtic Crossing Liqueur Ireland

Advertising slogan: Celtic Crossing. Find it!

Disaronno Italian liqueur

Advertising slogan: Disaronno. Taste the seduction.

Talea cream liqueur Italy

Motto: Talea. A velvet sensation.

Cointreau a premium spirit made from orange peels

Marketing slogan: Cointreau. Be cointreauversial.

liqueur is an alcoholic drink composed of distilled spirits and additional flavorings such as sugar, fruits, herbs, and spices.

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