Famous Tyre Company Slogans and Taglines

A good deal on a great tire. – Kelly tires 

A grip on the future. – Bridgestone tires 

Accelerate your soul. – Dunlop motorcycle tires 

Advan. Not for everyone. – Yokohama Advan tires, Japan 

Always two wheels ahead – Metzeler motorcycle tires 

Anywhere is possible – General Tire brand 

At the intersection of performance and luxury. – Dropstars Wheels

Be a part of the legend! – Mickey Thompson tires & wheels 

Beba. Tires are our passion! – Beba tires for karting 

Because so much is riding on your tires – Michelin tyres 

Behold, the new king of the road. – Lionhart tires 

Because the streets are filled with idiots. – CEAT bike tyres 

BFGoodrich. Take control. – BFGoodrich, American brand of truck and car tires 

Born on the track. – TSW Alloy Wheels

Born Tough – CEAT Tyres

Bridgestone. Your journey, our passion. – Bridgestone 

Bringing motorsports performance to street tyres. – Federal Tyres, Taiwan 

Built for real American muscle. – Cragar Wheels 

Built without compromise. – Mandrus, a brand of wheels for Mercedes 

CEAT. Superior grip. – CEAT, tyre manufacturer in India 

Choose a different path. – Black Rock Wheels 

Continental. The future in motion. – Continental tires

Cooper. Don’t give up a thing. – Cooper tires 

Design fused with technology. – Centerline Wheels 

Designed to protect you. – Vredestein tyres 

Drive will never be the same. – Zeetex tires 

Driven to perform. – Toyo Tires, car, truck, van tires 

Driving tomorrow – Nexen tires, South Korea 

Dunlop. Feel the road. – Dunlop tires 

Engineered for performance and built to inspire. – Ace Alloy Wheels

Engineered for performance by performance-minded people. – Walker Evans Racing 

Enkei. 360° perfect. – Enkei, brand of aluminum wheels

Entire performance. – Semperit tires 

Everyone needs a Motiv. – Motiv, a brand of luxury alloy wheels 

Excellence beyond expectation. – Sonar tires 

Factory look. OEM quality. – Borbet Wheels 

FALKEN On The Pulse – Falken Tyres 

Falken. We get you going! – Falken, a Japanese brand of automotive tires 

Feel the ultimate performance. – Roadstone tyres 

First, you drive it. Then it drives you. – Bridgestone Dueler, tire range 

For trick chicks. – Tansy Wheels 

Get your truck in Gear. – Gear Alloy Wheels 

Give it horns. – Black Rhino, truck, and off-road wheels 

Go the distance – Apollo Tyres 

Go where the moment takes you. – MRF Mogrip range of tyres 

Goodbye, middle of the road. – Avon Tyres 

Grip like never before. – Nokian Tyres, Finland 

Great Catchy Tyre Shop Sales Slogans 

Growth with excellence – Metro Tyres 

Hankook. Driving emotion. – Hankook tire brand 

Hardcore Tools for the street. – Drifz Wheels 

Hitting your roads one tread at a time.- Silverstone tires 

It all rides on our tyres. – Matador, Slovakian tire brand 

JK Tyre. Total control. – JK Tyre, a brand of tires in India 

Kenda. Life in motion. – Kenda tires and tubes, Taiwan 

Lassa. The intelligent choice. – Lassa, Turkish tires 

Life’s a road trip. Come on, let’s go. – Cooper tires 

Live the lifestyle. – MB Wheels 

Long-lasting tyres for smart buyers. – Barum, manufacturer of tires in the Czech Republic 

Made for the street. – Cruiser Alloy Wheels 

No detours. – Bandag, supplier of tires and tire retreading materials and equipment 

Made to feel good. – Goodyear tires 

Make heads turn. – Aura, alloy wheels 

Maximum mileage, performance and comfort. – Multi-Mile tires 

Maximum style. – Maxxim Wheels 

Maxxis. Ultimate control. – Maxxis tires

Reigns in the wet. – Goodyear HydraGrip range of tires 

Ride on our strength. – Hercules tires 

Ride smart with road sense. – TVS tyres 

Rolling personality. – Privat Wheels 

Ronal… made for the best. – Ronal, light-alloy wheels 

Rubena. Winners’ choice. – Rubena, bike tires, and tubes 

Safer for longer. – Michelin automotive tires 

Sailun. With you through every turn. – Sailun truck tires 

Sava. European quality tires. – Sava tires, Slovenia 

Style is king. – Konig Wheels 

The experience you want. – Firestone tires 

The safest longest-wearing tire ever built. – Firestone Deluxe Champion, motorcycle tire range 

The World Is Yours – Ralco Tyres 

The world rides on Atlas! – Altas tires 

The world’s leading radial tyre. – Michelin X, tire range 

Time to retire. Get a Fisk. – Fisk, an old American brand of tires 

Titan moves the world.- Titan tires 

Tomorrow’s radials yesterday’s price. – Apollo Amazer XL, tire range 

Total Control – JK Tyres 

Tread anywhere. – MRF Wanderer range of tyres 

Trust is everything. – Radar tires, Singapore 

Turn on TechnoTread. – Apollo Acelere, tire range 

Twenty inches strong. – TIS Wheels 

Tyres with Muscle – MRF Tyres 

Tyrevolution. – Ringstead, the brand of materials and equipment for tire retreading 

Unbeatable! – Birla Tyres 

Unequaled luxury. – Asanti Wheels 

Uniroyal. For everything you value. – Uniroyal tires for cars, trucks, minivans 

Voxx. Redefined performance. – Voxx, road wheels 

We know roads – the roads know us. – Rosava car tyres, Ukraine 

Wheels for the true outdoorsman. – Remington Wheels 

WORX. Serious truck wheels. – WORX, alloy wheels for trucks and jeeps 

Yokohama. Really grips. – Yokohama tires 

Your Journey, Our Passion – Bridgestone Tyres

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