No Texting And Driving Campaign Slogans

Do not text and drive

Drive first, text later

Texts can wait, life cannot

Eyes on the road, not on the phone

Do not text and drive if you want to survive

Safety first

Ensure your road safety

Not a smart move

Text later or regret forever

Texting while driving can be your last text

Text later to keep texting forever

Hang up the phone on the road

Roads are not meant for multitasking

No one is worth your life

Do not risk your chances of survival

Keep others and yourself safe 

Texting and driving is a grave mistake

Socialize later, drive first

Don’t let a text kill you

Texting and driving not the right combination 

Let the text wait 

Texts can kill too

Be alive or text and drive 

Avoid crashing 

Donate blood, but not on the streets

Think before being a fool

Do not alter your fate 

Do not let the text be your last

Stay safe, stay alive

Do not wreck it 

Crash on your couch, not on the roads

Spread awareness 

Take an initiative 

Let the text wait

People can wait 

Do the explaining later

Eyes only on the road 

Roads are not for texting 

Wheels are not for talking 

Texting will take you nowhere

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