Underwear Brands Advertising Slogans

Liz underwear brand for women
Liz underwear slogan

Advertising slogan: Liz. As delicate as a caress.

Wonderbra lingerie (bra and panty)

Ad slogans: Your not-so-secret weapon.

The one and only Wonderbra.

BVD Underwear for men

Advertising slogan: Next to myself, I like BVD best.

Triumph Lingerie brand

Advertising slogan: Triumph has the bra for the way you are.

Arktur brand a line of underwear and socks for men, Russia

Motto: Arktur. Classic for men.

Playtex lingerie brand (bras, panties and shapewear)

Ad slogan: Playtex. Real solutions for today’s women.

JBS men's underwear Denmark

Tagline: Men don`t want to look at naked men.

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