Save Whales Slogans

Whale you help?

Whales can use your help a ton.

No failing on stopping whaling!

Hear thier cry, don’t let them die.

Cause a splash to save whales.

Please don’t fail on saving the whale.

We all can do more, so they don’t end up on shore.

Let’s do what’s right, for the whale we must fight!

Kill an endangered whale and you’ll be going to jail!

Watch them swimming in the sea, let them live happily.

Thier cries we won’t ignore, because the whale we adore.

On this cause don’t bail, lets do more to save the whale.

Let’s put a plan in motion to show the whale our devotion.

The whale so big and blue, needs some help from me and you.

This great creature of the sea is depending on help from you and me.

© 2022 A Collection of Slogans and Taglines