Animal Abuse Slogans


Pets for Peace, not Beats

Friends don’t chain friends

Punish the deed, not the breed

Give us truth and stop the abuse!

don’t be a loser, stop the abuser

Don’t act blindly, treat us kindly

There is no excuse for animal abuse

Evolve: End Violence Against Animals

Be an everyday hero, stop animal abuse

Animals, abuse them and you will lose them

Don’t turn around in vain as you see their pain!

Make the suffering end, to the animals be a friend!

You have the power, to stop animal cruelty this hour!

Stop the abuse, Stop the cruelty, Stop the Slaughter!

Don’t shoot animals with guns, shoot them with cameras.

We can judge the heart of a man by how he treats animals

don’t treat animals the way you don’t want to be treated

Their pain, your voice! It’s up to you to do what’s right!

how would you like to be on a chain every second of the day?

Be the voice they wish they had, make the choice they wish they could

Animal activists unite as one. We won’t stop fighting until the war is won.

They feel pain, hear their cry, if you see animal abuse, don’t just walk by.

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