Save Water Slogans

Conserving water is conserving life

Save water for a dry day

Water is priceless. Save this treasure with pleasure.

A drop of water represents a life. Save it.

There are many things you can live without. Water is not one of them.

Every drop of water matters


Save water secure the future!

Save the World, Share a Shower

Save water for next generations

Save water and save the life on the earth

Do the Earth a favor, Be a water saver

The rich and poor all need water.

Save water for your children


Save water today, use water tomorrow

WATER- a priceless treasure, Save it with pleasure

Don’t let the water run when you brush your teeth

Put a brick in your toilet tank, to save water

Take showers instead of baths

No water, no life


You can live without love but not without water

Water is precious, Conserve when you do dishes

Saving water can save the world

Saving water one drop at a time

Water makes the world go around

Save water, Save us

Imagine one day without water


You can’t live without water

Save The Drop

It’s all about water

Don’t Drop Out to Save The Drop

Save a Drop, Live to Drink

If we don’t take care of the water cycle, it will not take care of our life cycle.

Do not wait for the clock to click twice

The best gift you can give to coming generations is water


No matter, how much rich you are, you can’t live without water

Fix leaky sinks

Avoid making nature cry by saving water and keeping it clean

You are 60% water. Save 60% of YOURSELF

Walk in the desert, you will realize the cost of Water

Save some for the fish

Wanted: Water in its natural form

Always save water


Use water but never waste water

Save Some Water for mankind, Close the tap, don’t be blind

Saving the Stuff of Life

Save Water – it Does a Body Good

The greatest magic on earth is contained in water.

Today’s rainwater will be your life savior tomorrow. Save it now.

There is a thin line between using water and wasting water

We all have to save water

Every drop of water counts


Life is impossible without water

A Gallon Saved is a Gallon Earned

Water is responsible for your life, but you are responsible for the reservoir.

In the Know with H2O

Without water you are nothing

Save water and tell others to do so


Every religion teaches to save water

It’s no fun to let the water run

A brick in the tank is money in the bank

Save your life by saving what lets you live, Save Water

Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth

I don’t waste water-Do you?


The habit of saving water is the best habit

Save water flush less

Save water for your bright future

Save water, the world depends on it

Save water, it’s our most valuable resource

Go to a desert to know the importance of water


If it’s brown, flush it down, if its yellow let it mellow

If in doubt remember that we’re in a drought

44-minute shower, not a quarter hour!

Be Water Wise

Save water, do your part

C’mon guys, get water-wise

Conserve water, our life’s on the brink!

Conserve water and conserve life!!!!

water conservation slogans-Conserve water and conserve life!!!!

Don’t Waste it just Taste it!!!!

Fresh water is 0.002% on earth

No water running while you brush your teeth

Only wash a full load!

Prohibit the Drip

Put a Stop – to the Drop

water conservation slogans-Put a Stop - to the Drop

Rainwater tank won’t break the bank

Save Water, don’t be drip

Save water! Collect the whole set!

Save water! Save life!

Save it before you need it

water conservation slogans-Save it before you need it

Save water … It doesn’t grow on trees

Save water … It’s not just a drop in the bucket

Save water and save the earth

Save water, drink beer

Save water, it will save you later!

Just think, what if you didn’t have any water to drink? Save it now.”

Save water, secure the future!

water conservation slogans-Save water, secure the future!

Save water, shower with a friend

Keep calm & save water

Save yourself! Save water!

Shorter shower time

Stop the drop

Sweep the drive with a broom, not a hose

Switch to Water Wise Gardening

Tap the Tap

Think outside the sink

water conservation slogans-Think outside the sink

Today’s rain water is tomorrow’s life saver!

Wash the car with a bucket, not a hose

Waste water today – Live in a desert tomorrow

Water is life! Save water, save life!!

Water is our friend

Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink!

Love your wife & save water

A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man

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