Save Money Slogans

No money, more crime 

Survival of the fittest 

Money is something that can not be replaced. 

Learn and earn 

Learn together, grow together 

Money is the ultimate goal 

Satisfaction comes from money 

Earn money with dedication 

Determination to earn money and save 

Saving money works in future 

Save money for enjoyment. 

Save money for education 

Save money for investment 

Save money to earn more 

Saving money required firstly earning money 

Don’t waste money 

Money is precious 

Money can buy anything. 

Money is something but not everything 

Money can’t buy relation 

Monet can’t buy love

Saving money can benefit you in future 

Saving money can make your life better 

Money is required 

Money is happiness

Sacrifice to save money 

Save money to fulfill needs. 

Save money for a grand marriage

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