Say No to Plastic Slogans

Plastic will make our end drastic!

Go green, plastic is obscene!

Stop the pollution, Be part of the solution.

Let us wipe out plastic before it wipes us out.

Change your habits. Stop using plastic.

Beat plastic pollution. If you can, reuse it and refuse it.

Avoid plastics. Arise cleanliness. Invite happiness.

Less plastic. More life.

Remember if we don’t stop, Our children might cruise on the ocean full of plastic.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repeat.

Make the world a beautiful place, start reducing our plastic waste.

Stop using plastic. Save the planet.

Cut down on plastic. Recycling is fantastic!

Our past we cannot erase. Our future needs less waste.

Keep the sea plastic free.

Reduce. Refuse. Reuse. Recycle plastic bags.

Reduce the use of plastic. Save the Earth.

Handle with care, plastic is everywhere.

Heal the planet. Stop using plastic.

Plastic waste cannot be erased. It needs to be cleaned up.

Every day actions matter, choose a plastic free life.

We want evolution, not more pollution.

We say no to plastic not just on Earth day but every day.

We are together, bound in a life cycle to help save marine life from plastics.

Think green, avoid plastics.

Use paper bags. Stop using plastic bags.

Plastics give a helping hand, but they are polluting our land.

Plastic pollution-free world is not a choice but a commitment to life – a commitment to the next generation.

Think before you trash it.

Say no to plastic for a better and greener tomorrow.

Stop using plastic and start saving lives.

Just say NO to plastic. Think, act, save.

Spread the word. Say no to plastic bags!

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