Luau Party Slogans

It’s a Pau Hana party we are having.

Let’s have a wiki wiki luau party.

Tonight’s party will be a Hawaiian-style barbecue party.

What is more fun than a poolside luau?

This party is totally tiki.

Let’s have a tiki party this weekend.

Under the shelter of the palms, let’s celebrate.

Welcome to the ultimate loco moco luau party of the year.

Barbecue in a neon paradise.

A luau party in the midst of the city.

It’s a luau-themed party, and we will have barbeque and lots to drink.

It is going to be a fiesta and luau-themed fiesta.   

Coconuts and cocktails this is a luau feast.

Summer party is just another name for a luau party.

If it is summer, we will be having a luau-themed party.

It is officially summertime for luau parties.

Throw a luau party at home this summer.

A lawn with palm trees calls for a luau party.

Crash by the beach tonight; we are having a luau party.

Who says we have to be on the beach to have a luau party? We can do it in our living room.

Let’s light the tiki torches tonight.

Tonight is going to be a pina colada fest.

I don’t need an excuse to throw a luau party.

Bring the coals, and we have Hawaiian-style barbeque tonight.

Wear your brightest shirts, and it is a luau party afterward.

Boys wear your bright shirts; girls wear your grass skirts.

Bring your inner Moana out, and it is going to be a luau party.

Tropical parties are what I live for.

A tropical luau party to celebrate the winners.

Is not the night a tropical extravaganza?

Welcome to the Hawaiian hideaway.

A Hawaiian hoedown is what is needed to relax.

A Hawaiian luau-themed bash is the need of the time.

Give us Hawaiian cheer, everyone. Hoohiwahiwa!

Elevate your party with a luau party theme.

Be beach dandy, and it is to be a Hawaiian-themed party.

Change your theme to a luau-themed party, and it is what is in vogue.

Make going to the beach a habit, this season we are going to have a lot of luau parties.

Beaches deem a Hawaiian theme.

A Hawaiian wonderland.

Mom, I want a Luau birthday party.

Eat, chill, drink and make friends here.

Get those hips going.

A party is an artistic carnival.

The concentrated essence of the fantasies is dancing.

Parties are necessary.

Free will is happiness.

Exchange grins and club tickets.

I had a party outside the day I was born.

I’m only about to swing.

Simply have faith in parties.

Your characteristics are what people are saying about you.

Parties are when bad thoughts are violently put down.

Just have fun, dance, and converse with the moon.

Just have fun and indulge in your deepest fantasies.

Uncertainty logs out of the party.

If you lived yesterday night as if you would have a deadly nightmare, then it surely means you must have had great fun.

The mantra is to work through the day and to party through dawn.

You should stick to the holy routine of four when you are young- sleep, eat, work and party.

Why do expensive therapy when you can just party all night?

A bit of relaxation and a lot of fun.

For the best of the night with the best of friends.

Luau parties mean an endless summer.

We have sand, surfing boards, and sandwiches.

Aloha night party at the Tiki bar.

Enjoy the Hawaiian delights.

Bringing heritage into the party.

We are kahuna at hosting luau parties.

Mahalo for coming.

Everyone here is ohana.

We have pineapples for the luau party.

Be a pineapple, among other fruits; bring your own crown to the party.

Only minimal clothing is needed; it is a luau party afterall.

Why spend so much on party clothes when you can literally wear a grass skirt and attend a luau party.

Welcome Ohana; it is tiki time.

Fruity drinks and little umbrellas, we have all of it here.

Ladies in grass skirts and men adorned in floral prints; it is going to be beautiful.

Come over for some tropical fun.

Say goodbye to those heels, put on your sandals, and drive to the beach. We are having a luau party.

The only requirement is aloha in your heart.

Wear your garlands and get ready for the tropical fiesta.

E komo mai, to our luau party.

Dance mau loa.

Come to our party, and there is vitamin sea.

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