Fire Prevention Slogans

Common Sense Saves Burnt Dollars.

Just Go Ahead Ami Set the World on Fire If You Can, But Use Brains Instead of Matches.

Preventing a Fire in Time May Save Your Home or Maybe Mine. At the point when Men Strike They “Go Out”; But Matches Don’t.

Cigarettes Are Irresponsible. Try not to Let Them Go Out Alone. Keep in mind Fireproof Does Not Mean Foolproof.

A Match Is a Useful and Wonderful Tool,

Not a Plaything Designed for a Child or a Fool.

Some Are Firewise

Clean Flues Keep the Home Fires Burning.

Precaution Is the Master of Fire.

Watch the Sparks They’re the Children of Destruction.

Pour Oil on Troubled Waters, But Never on Your Fire.

An Inch of Flue Repairs Is Worth a Mile of Fire Hose.

Make a Little Use of Your Thinking Apparatus and You Will Have Little Use for Your Fire Apparatus.

Be a Hero, Not a Nero.

A Match Snuffed Out Puts Fire to Rout.

The finish of a Perfect Cigarette May Start a Conflagration.

Matches, Like Gossips Are Very terrible

What They Stir Up Is Sure to Spread.

When Your Match “Goes Out” Be Sure That It Can’t “Return.

The Fire Thief Cannot Pick a Prevention Lock.

Use Caution—It Beats Blazes!

Prevention Is a “Fasten in Time Which Saves 9,999.”

Electric Irons May Be Sad Irons If You Don’t Watch Out.

In Every Fire There Is an I That Might Have Prevented It.

Prevent Fires by Watching Yours.

Has a Match a Brighter Head Than Yours?

Fire, Faithful Friend, Fearful Foe.

One Man’s Fire May Bankrupt Fifty.

Say It with Safety and Save the Flowers.

Don’t Flirt with Fire.

Fire Controlled Is Friend Indeed; Uncontrolled, a Terrible Fiend.

Smokers, Be Careful Where You Throw Those Stubs And Don’t Be Classed with the Arson Dubs.

Fire—Its Cure Is Costly—Its Prevention Cheap!

Poke the Fire, Don’t Oil It!

Preventing Fires the Year Around Reduces the Fire Loss in Your Town.

Play with Fire and Fire Will Get You.

Once you are burned, you will never return

There is no such thing as little fire, fire is dangerous

Man created fire but fire can destroy man

Stay safe don’t play with fire

The smoke chokes

Fire kills 

Your carelessness causes fire

Learn fire safety, teach fire safety

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