Emergency Preparedness Slogans

A spirited effort from our side can surely reduce the ill-effects of the disaster

Don’t be complacent; disasters won’t inform you before occurring

Yes, we got very less time, but we have to make the most of it 

Each one of us should learn how to deal with emergencies

Press the brakes on time before it’s too late 

A smart guy is always prepared

Strictly follow the safety warnings

Nothing is more expensive than your safety

Stay prepared, stay confident 

The time has come to stand beside each other

You don’t lose lives if you stay prepared

Just a little bit of caution from our side

Is it so difficult to stay prepared?

Awareness is all that is required

Make safety a way of your life 

We need to respond and act swiftly

Your response is dependent on your preparedness

Unpreparedness can prove to be disastrous

Be spot on with the preparations

The last-minute preparations can prove to be decisive

Make sure you stay indoors

Move on to a safe place when the earth shakes

We can mitigate a lot of emergencies if we stay prepared

We can’t afford any slip in preparations

The best men are at work

Learn from the past, don’t be foolish to ignore safety warnings

The quality of our preparations should also be taken into account

Start thinking about disaster management from today

Engage everyone in the preparations as disasters is a threat to the whole of humanity 

There is nothing special in staying prepared; it is a necessity

You won’t live to explain the failure of your unpreparedness

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