List of Slogans for Air Coolers

Cheapest and best.

Portable solutions for a dash of cool air.

Take it where you go.

Ultra-portable. Ultra-light.

As smart as it gets.

High capacity tank for an optimum impact.

High absorbent pads to give you the best.

Single refill of water that lasts the whole day.

A breath of fresh air.

Lighten up the mood.

Gadgets pocket money-friendly!

Luxury isn’t always expensive.

Feels like relaxing in a pool.

Did someone ask for the chilled expert?

Freshen up your senses.

Easy on electric consumption.

The utility of a cooler at the cost of a fan.

Easy solutions for the chill you want.

It fits in everywhere.

Lightweight to go where you want it.

High capacity coolers for large spaces.

Tone down the heat.

Fight heat waves the professional way.

Enjoy the hassle free experience.

A bucket of refill that lasts long.

The newest way to cool.

Live life king size.

Pads of the highest absorbent material.

Tech in. Fresh out.

A blow of cool droplets.

The coolest breeze you have ever experienced.

Optimizing the temperature for a gust of fresh air.

The seal of trust.

Brand with a difference.

Smart air coolers for a smart you.

Circulates the fresh air like a boss.

Lion amongst the air coolers.

Why sweat when you have your own cooling pet?

Cooler than ever.

Beats even the humidity.

Fresh air. Healthy family.

Why go for anything else?

Circulate freshness inside.

Choose only the best.

Don’t let the heat get in between your work.

Manage heat. The professional way.

Cooler that gives you a fuller life.

Excellence par perfection.

Keeps the heat at bay.

Choose the cooler way to get your work done.

Leave the summers behind.

Designed keeping in the environment in mind.

Ecologically better.

Even the sun looks relaxed.

Play your part in keeping the air clean.

That special something in the air.

The feeling of extraordinary.

Keeping you cool.

Up your chill game.

The brand you can trust.

Here to keep you chilled.

The art of air cooling made easier.

The joy of cool air.

Air cooling at reasonable prices.

Lower your stress. Comfort your senses

Call in the expert.

Partnering with the best to bring you the best.

Leading products for a cooler you.

Make your home stay cooler this summer.

You’ll want to stay home forever.

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