Accessibility and Disability Slogans

Being insensible is the actual disability

Mentally inaccessibility is the ultimate disability.

Believe in yourself; you are almost there.

Disability is just a term.

Disability Isn’t Infectious, Illiteracy Is.

You are not disabled; you are just differently-abled.

Disable does not mean you are good for nothing.

Disability is just mental sickness.

Build consciousness, build the future.

Accessibility and disability are not two very different things.

We are people with disabilities, but we are human beings.

Having disabilities is not our fault, but making us realize that it is surely your fault.

We are disabled, but it doesn’t mean that we are less able than you.

We feel awful, but it’s ok. You keep on laughing.

God has plans for everyone, even for people with certain disabilities.

Having disabilities is not the problem. Having a bad mentality is.

Motivate people with disabilities. Don’t make fun of them.

Even you are disabled if you are not mentally accessible.

We are disabled but proud.

Great ideas come from a genius mind.

Change your mentality. Stand beside the disabled.

We are no different. We have just certain differences.

We are not disabled. We have a gift.

Yes, I have disabilities. But I do not need your sympathy.

I have disabilities but it does not mean that you are smarter than me

You may be faster than me, but I am smarter than you.

I am blind, but I can hear your laugh.

You can criticize us, that doesn’t make you a better person.

A better society needs more variety.

See us as a person, not a person with disabilities.

The quicker is not always the better.

Paralysis is my disability. Having a bad attitude is yours.

Accessible or disable; let put our hands together.

When they say you can’t do it. Prove them wrong.

You don’t need to run to fly high.

Just believe in yourself. Let them criticize you.

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