Aviation Safety Slogans

Fly safely while maintaining your cool.

Enjoy yourself, fly safely.

Flying isn’t hazardous, but crashing is.

Take off with a clear head.

Rise to great heights safely.

Fly risk-free.

Fall in love with the sky as well as yourself.

Despite telling the entire story, the black box will not save lives.

Our target – no mishaps.

Start your safety in the air from the ground.

Stay safe on the ground to maintain your safety in the air.

Aviation safety happens to be cooler than what you might think.

Never say no to the crew.

Safety can save your life as well as that of others.

Maintain your safety; somebody is waiting at home for you.

Instead of being safety blinded, try to be safety-minded.

Although accidents might hurt, safety will not.

Never make any haste in terms of safety.

Never learn safety accidentally.

Try safety on since it fits like a glove.

Your key to safety lies in your hands.

Quality and safety go simultaneously.

Safety happens to be a choice made by you.

Your best tools are safety rules.

Pursue safety at a breakneck pace.

Fly it till the last.

Put safety first, avoid the worst.

Aviation safety will make you reach the top.

My life happens to be safe and healthy. Stand back; this might be hot.

Maintenance safety at the ground to maintain safety in the air.

Do not make safety a part-time practice since it happens to be a full-time job.

Practice safety everywhere.

Safety lies in your hands.

Safety happens to be everybody’s business in aviation.

Aviation safety is as easy as ABC.

Whether on land or in the air, you should practice safety everywhere.

Avoid spinning shiny things.

The only safety in love is in flight.

Nothing can beat experience when it comes to aviation safety.

In case of a crash, some will die over there, and some will die over here.

Experience counts a lot in aviation safety.

One mistake in flying can prove to be lethal.

Don’t make any mistake while flying that will kill you.

Aviation safety is more essential as compared to convenience.

Aviation safety happens to be everybody’s full-time job.

Never get surprised by aviation safety.

Throw the cord away in case it has a fray.

Instead of preaching aviation safety, try to profit from it.

Instead of fixing the blame, try to fix the problem.

Bear in mind that aviation safety happens to be a way of life.

Dare to be mindful.

Instead of working alone, watch out for others.

Arms are going to work effectively when fastened to the body.

One safe act can result in another.

Use your head to protect your hands.

Aviation safety is for life.

Ignoring a warning can result in mourning.

Turbulence will come, turbulence would go, but aviation safety should never be opposed.

Do not be insane; try to practice aviation safety on a plane.

Inform your friend, fastened the seatbelt while preparing to descend.

Be confident in flying safely.

It will be sensible to be mindful on the air and on the ground.

Work laboriously, fly properly.

Instead of being safety blinded, make sure to be safety-minded.

Casualty will be a casual attitude toward aviation safety.

I will be safe in case you are safe.

A neglected wound might be an infected wound.

Your primary intention should be accident prevention in aviation.

Stay away from all types of accidents, big or small.

Always think of aviation safety irrespective of the task.

Fly safely – anger is almost analogous to danger.

Let aviation safety been known – at work and at home.

Let aviation safety lead the way at work and at play.

Be aware, take care.

Be safety smart before you start.

Accident makers are those who are chance takers.

Promote aviation safety by common sense and courtesy.

The best thing will be to be safe today.

Never ignore any close call in aviation – report it.

Checking for aviation safety should come before recheck.

Perform your job with pride by putting safety in each stride.

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