List of CBS slogans


The Stars' Address is CBS

A Feast For the Eyes

Hey, Look Us Over!

You'll See Stars!

Get In the Winner's Circle

The Look of a Winner!

The Best Television on Television

We've Got it All Together

Where the Good Times Are

Have We Got a Fall For You!

The Best is Right Here on CBS aka CBS is Easy on the Eyes

See the Best...CBS

It's a Whole New Thing

Catch the Brightest Stars on CBS

The Hot Ones

There's Something in the Air

The 32 Days of Fabulous February!

Turn Us On, We'll Turn You On

We're Coming On

We're Looking Good!

Looking to the 80's

Looking Good Together

Reach for the Stars

Great Moments

February Looks Great on CBS

We've Got the Touch

The February Touch

Share the Spirit of CBS


CBS: Television You Can Feel aka You Can Feel It on CBS

Get Ready for CBS

The Look of America is CBS

This is CBS

It's All Right Here

Can't Stop at the Top

Everyday People aka CBS People

You're on CBS

Welcome Home

The Address is CBS...Welcome Home

The Address is CBS

It's All Here

America's Most Watched Network

Everybody's Watching CBS

We Are CBS

Only CBS

CBS (an initialism of the network's former name, the Columbia Broadcasting System) is an American commercial broadcast television and radio network.

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