Quit Smoking Slogans

Quit before it kills you

Your lungs don’t deserve tar

Stop it Stupid!

Reject today or regret it later

Kill your bad habits, not yourself!

Quit smoking before it quits you

Stop smoking before smoke stops you

Quitting has never felt so good!

Don’t be in doubt, just put cigarettes out

Ditch that pipe, for the sake of your life

Who says being a quitter is a bad thing?

Sometimes quitters do win. Quit Smoking

Eliminate smoking from your life, not yourself from life.

Quit smoking and be a real hero for your family.

Be a fighter, put down the lighter.

Put down the cigarettes and lighter; to make your future brighter.

Put down the smoking pipe; to give yourself a new life.

Don’t give up your lungs, just give up cigarettes.

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