Quit Alcohol / Drinking Slogans

It’s time to quit alcohol

Quit for your own good

Quit alcohol save money

Kick it before it kicks you

Alcohol free is the way to be

Quit alcohol: save life, money and future

Stop drinking, start living

Stop boozing to stop losing

Sober is smarter

Sobriety is pride

Life or Alcohol?

Quit alcohol: One day at a time

Willingness is the key

Change is a process, not an event

You can, if you think you can

Sobriety is a journey, not a destination

Love your family, not alcohol

Less drinking, More thinking.

Love yourself, leave alcohol

Rethink before drink

See the change, quit alcohol

Dear Alcohol, I only have a NO for you

Alcohol deserves quitting

Strong men don’t drink

Life is beautiful without alcohol

Quit before it’s too late

Sobriety is best gift to your family

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