Organ Donation Slogans

Organ donation, is the best donation

Save a life, afterlife. Donate organs

Organ donation, saves a generation

Be a hero, be an organ donor

Organ donation – The gift that lives on

Make sure someone lives, if you couldn’t 

Why only recycle paper and not organs?

Love life, live life, and give life 

Let’s recycle our organs!

Your kindness can give life to eight people

Recycle yourself, become an organ donor.

Give even after you are done living

Live a hero, die a hero. Donate your organs

Pass on life after you pass away

Every organ counts

Be a hero and pass it on

Proud to be an Organ Donor

Life is a gift, pass it on

Be a symbol of hope for those are waiting

Be a great nation, support organ donation

Donate organs, be blessed

Make both your life and death count. Be an organ donor

Let your organs find a new home

Live even after you are gone. Donate organs

No gift is greater than the gift of life

They will live because you will donate

Eight people are looking up to you. Donate organs

Don’t just leave back memories, leave your organs too!

Don’t take them with you! Donate

Not all heroes wear capes! They donate

Take memories to the grave, not your organs

One man’s organ is another man’s miracle

Make miracles happen, donate today 

Let’s live within someone after our life journey ends…

Don’t take your organs to heaven. Heaven knows we need them here

Did you know that you can save up to eight lives by donating your organs?

It is not only a doctor’s duty to save lives, but ours too. Donate organs

You can be the missing piece from someone’s incomplete puzzle. Donate your organs

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