Mosquito Eradication Slogans

Mosquito sucks! Literally

Mosquito: The serious killer

Beware of the bite

Sorry, No mosquitoes allowed!

If they breed, you will bleed

It only takes one bite

Small bite, Big threat

Fight the bite

Snap the flying syringe

Spray to kill

Slug that bug

Don’t give them a chance to breed

Stop the mosquito menace

Stay away from the deadly killer

Stay smart, killing mosquitoes is an art

Danger!!! Mosquitoes outside

“I Suck!” — A Mosquito

Beat the blood suckers

Keep the bugs at bay

Mosquitoes, buzz off!!!

Stop Mosquitoes, Stop Dengue, Stop Malaria

Stop the unwanted visitor

Kill them before they make you sick

No Mosquitoes, no diseases

Just one bite can take us closer to death.

Still waters breed death. Stop mosquito breeding

If your surroundings are clean, mosquitoes won’t be seen!

Keep your surroundings mosquito free, or be ready to pay Doctor’s fee

Dear friends, hear my plea; keep your surroundings mosquito free

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