Depression Awareness Slogan

The way to help yourself is by taking small steps.

Depression can never be the end of your life.

Life is worth being given numerous chances.

You must understand that life is like a rocky road full of pebbles.

Life is full of ups and downs, which need to be understood.

Never stop believing in yourself, and that is where you will be able to fight the struggles.

Anxiety and stress are the main reasons for going into Depression.

Depression should be treated medically with utmost care.

Loving yourself is the initial step in fighting Depression.

Write down every downgrading thought to help you tackle any problematic situations.

Never consider yourself as someone weaker than anyone, as you possess every strength to face it.

Never lose out on your courage to face hardships in your life.

Consider every mental disease that needs to be treated regularly, just like your physical health.

Never skip those mental awareness camps.

Your mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of.

The way you treat others with as much love and respect has a lot to do with how you are being treated.

Your mind and you are the most potent weapon that you have.

You are not to be blamed for the suffering that thus Depression causes you.

The way to live is always unknown, so never say that you do not want to live.

You are indeed capable of moving the highest mountains even.

Doubting yourself and thinking that you are not worthy lowers your confidence.

Depression does not go away in a day, so be patient.

You need to understand every scenario is not the correct parameter to judge yourself.

Give yourself the time to just relax and think about the things going on in your life.

Sometimes, even the greatest of advice does not work out, and nothing is wrong.

Your body reacts differently, and so does your brain, so do not lose hope.

Working for the better days is just an illusion; try just making it to the next day.

Be careful regarding the improvement or deterioration of your mental health.

Depression comes in like a thief, and the worst thing you can ever do is ignore the fact that you are ill.

Proper care and treatment do wonder and never say never.

Putting on a mask and pretending does not do any help rather than just increasing the level of your Depression.

You are one of a kind in this world, and you deserve every bit to stay here.

Comparing yourself to anyone does nothing well except bring yourself down.

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