CPR Awareness Slogans

CPR saves lives

Get trained

Be ready. Be alert

CPR: A helping hand becomes a saving hand

Your quick response can save a life.

Be a hero in the crowd

Emergencies don’t come with a notice

Someone’s life maybe in your hands

Every second counts

Defeat death with CPR

This is your chance to be a Hero

A small effort goes a long way

CPR is your attack on heart attack

Be a life saver

Avoid a tragedy today

The gift of life is in your own hands

Lend your hand to save a life

I can give a CPR, you can give too

A mouth-to-mouth breathing is a kiss of life.

Superheroes not always wear capes. Sometimes they give CPRs.

A kiss of life to prevent the kiss of Death

If a CPR goes right, everything goes right

Keep calm, and start CPR

When the heart stops, every second counts!

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