Condom Awareness Slogans

Better safe than Sorry

Wear protection to prevent infection

Use protection, to satisfy your infatuation

Don’t condemn yourself, use condom for yourself

Condoms are cheaper than AIDS

If you want to live longer, say no to unprotected encounter

Are few minutes of unprotected thrills, worth a lifetime of pills?

Each time you sleep with someone, you also sleep with his past.

AIDS is no joke, wrap before you poke

Better to protect, rather than regret

ABC – Abstain, Be faithful and Condomise

Don’t harm yourself, arm yourself. Use Condom

Keep condom in your pocket, HIV is out there

Pleasure for a moment; pain for a lifetime

Protect, don’t neglect

The best packages stay wrapped

Let your past make you better, not bitter

Use helmet while driving in an unknown tunnel

Few minutes of pleasure, a lifetime of pain

Wear it or bear it

Prevention is better than cure; especially when something has no cure

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