Breast Cancer Awareness Slogans

Breast cancer sucks

Feel your boobies!

Great breasts are worth fighting for!

Breast friends get screened together

A feel a day keeps the doctor away

Got Boobs? Get Checked

Think Pink

Positively Pink

Real men wear pink

Thanks for the Mammories

Pink is stronger than you think

Big or Small, let’s save them all

Check your bumps for lumps

Feel for lumps, save your bumps

Save a life, grope your wife

Save the Boobies

Simply the Breast!

Beauties & the Breast

We treasure our chests

Who says girls can’t fight?

Cancer touched my boobs, so I kicked its butt

Breast cancer don’t ignore, Support the search for a cure!

Fasten Your Pink Ribbon. Let’s race towards a cure!

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