Anti Alcohol Addiction & Binge Drinking Slogans

Say no to alcohol

You booze, you lose.

Boozer is a loser

Think before you drink.

Drinking is injurious to health

Alcoholism is devil’s choice

Drinking isn’t cool. It makes you act like a fool.

Don’t drown your future with alcohol

Alcohol addiction is self destruction

Alcohol affects more than just you.

Drinking is disgusting

Drinking is not a solution, it’s escape

No drinking, perfect thinking

Be a thinker not a drinker

Drinking gives momentary peace

Don’t start, keep a healthy heart.

Alcohol damages happy life.

Alcohol use is life abuse

Don’t drink. You’ll stink.

Alcohol: A drink that makes bad decisions look good

Alcohol: temporary fun with permanent consequences

Pregnant? Don’t drink.

Alcohol leads to all evils

Alcoholism is regretful

Excessive alcohol makes you look old

Alcoholism is devastating

Alcoholism drowns

Let’s build an alcohol-free world

Stay healthy stay non-alcoholic

Rum makes you dumb

Alcohol is a slow poison

Dumbness and numbness, comes from drunkenness

If you over drink, your brain will shrink.

Binge drinking is lame, it will put your family to shame.

Keep dignity with your name, binge drinking puts you to shame.

Over drinking isn’t fun, it affects your brain for the long run.

Binge drinking isn’t cool, it makes you look like a fool.

Binge drinkers please beware, consequences could be long term and severe

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