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Slogans for radio stations in Canada

CBC Radio One
CBC Radio One slogan

Because sometimes a picture needs a thousand words

Hear the big picture

Canada Lives Here.

CBC Music
CBC Music slogan

Canada's National Music Network

Everywhere Music Takes You

Canada Lives Here

CBC Radio 3
CBC Radio 3 slogan

Breaking New Sound

Ici Radio-Canada Première

From the heart to ideas  ( Du cœur aux idées )

TSN Radio
TSN Radio slogan

The Evolution of Sports Radio

(City Name) Destination for Sports


Changing the world one hit at a time.  ( Changeons le monde un hit à la fois. )

Énergie slgoan.png

Plus de classiques. Plus de fun

Rouge FM
Rouge FM slogan

The best music choice  ( Le meilleur choix musical )

Rythme FM

Le Rythme du Québec

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