Soap Taglines

The best way to get healthy skin.

Hygienic soaps for the hygienic you. 

Show off that beautiful and smooth skin.

Feel confident, feel renewed.

Non-stop freshness.

Rejuvenate every inch of you.

The best your skin can get.

Feel younger from the first wash.

Moisturize your skin with every wash.

The soap that helps you cope daily.

For a healthier lifestyle.

For all the nutrition your skin needs.

Pure herbal soaps just for you.

The best organic soaps for you.

Cheap price, regal quality.

A soap so good, buy it you should!

Cleanliness starts with yourself.

The soap is for all ages.

A legacy of cleanliness and hygiene.

The foremost range of soaps from the best in the business.

For a new look.

Special soap for the special day.

A unique soap for the unique you.

Feel the change from within.

Transform into a newer and better you.

Be confident in your skin.

A newer you awaits you.

Party-time of the germs is over!

With natural beauty oils.

Beautifully yours.

A soap that can change your life.

Discover a new you.

Rather good to lather up.

Not just a soap. It is skin therapy.

Beautiful soap for the beautiful you.

For the prima donna in you.

The soap which your skin desires.

Bathing is now a blessing.

Bathing now feels like bliss.

A perfect match for your thriving, young skin.

The only doctor which your skin needs.

You will be jealous of your own skin.

A famous soap made for the common man.

People will think that you are Heaven-sent.

The kind of soap a kind heart needs.

Wash your body like your home.

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