Soap Brands Slogans

Camay  by Unilever

Camay slogan

white, pure soap for women.

the soap for beautiful women.

For your most beautiful complexion at every age.


motto: America's original.


Tagline: The Eye Opener!


Tagline: Healthier skin. Healthier you.

Irish Spring

Irish Spring slogan.jpg

Fresh and clean as a whistle

All the freshness of Ireland Bottled

The Irish Never Quit.

Smell like you're worth exploring.

Tagline: Add a little Irish to your Game.

Joy (dishwashing liquid)

Slogan: From grease to shine in half the time.


motto: Lano for liten og Lano for stor.

Old Spice


slogan: The original. If your grandfather hadn't worn it, you wouldn't exist.


Ivory slogan

It Floats!

99 and 44/100 percent pure.


Zest slogan

Slogan: For the first time in your life, feel really clean.

Tagline: Zestfully clean!

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