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Marketing Slogans and Taglines for Handmade Soap

Keeping the skin clean.

Purify your skin easily.

Nourished your skin with right product.

Freshness, part of your daily hygiene.

Give skin a chance to glow.

Clean your skin and stay pure.

Made with authentic things.

All pure ingredients are there.

Total care of your skin.

Care for your delicate skin.

Go ahead, be fresh.

Better than clean.

Now no more roughness.

Freshness like never before.

Feel fresh inside and out.

A connection with nature.

Wow! It smells awesome.

Improve your bathing.

Nature’s gift for your skin.

We care for your skin.

No other soap like it.

Purest hygiene soap.

Soap like never before.

Feel refresh and rejoice.

Smooth soft and fresh.

A trustworthy product.

Keeps the dignity of your skin.

Everyone deserves a best skin care product.

A gentle touch of nature.

So kind to your skin.

Treat your skin like a baby.

Give your skin a proper skin care treatment.

Made with all good stuffs.

Make your skin as beautiful as you are.

We value your skin.

Use it and feel the magic.

Feel fresh for 24×7.

Smell like a flower.

Treat your skin well.

We don’t hurt your skin.

Your skin is your asset.

Maintaining your skin means maintaining yourself.

Your skin reflects your personality.

Good skin means everyone feels to touch.

Reveal your beautiful glowing skin.

Respecting your skin.

Feel to touch your own skin.

People will find an excuse to touch you.

Your skin, feels like a baby’s skin.

Pamper your skin with natural ingredients.

Natural product with purity.

Your skin deserves the best.

Solutions of your skin problems.

Pure soap without chemicals.

No harmful ingredients.

Feel the difference.

Now bathing is a pleasure.

Be gentle with your skin.

To brighten your skin, soap that we mean.

Give a new life to your skin.

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