Mother's Day Taglines

Mother the epitome of love and sacrifice

A mother’s love cannot be compensated

Pray for your mom every day

Every day is Mother’s day

The most beautiful woman in your life

Mom, you are the greatest

The greatest gift from God is a mother

My mom is my queen

The service of a mother can never be paid

The most beautiful heart is of a mother

Mother’s love cannot be compared

You are lucky to have a mother

The toughest job on earth is a mother

The true angel in our life is our mother

The best remedy for all problems: Mother’s hug

Since God can’t come down to earth, he sent mothers

Love your mother he will love you

The protector of our family is our mother

Mother leads the family

The only gift that mothers want is love from their child

Gift your mother love and more love

Mother’s smile can make the day

My mother’s love is my strength

Money can’t buy a mother’s love

There is nothing in the world as strong as a mother

The brightest star in our life is our mother

Mother in itself is an institution

Mother gives birth, and her teaching makes you a man

Your mother is always the perfect lady in your life

The most precious gem in your life your mother

This mother’s day do everything that makes her happy

We can never price mother’s love

Give her a day off this mother’s day and tell her you to love her the most

It’s mother’s day however your mother deserves love and respect every day

Thank for you have a mother

Life is beautiful with mother

Give all mothers the love and respect they deserve

Behind every successful man is their mother

My mother is my only hope

Mom is always rights

Mom knows everything

Mother the best miracle of God

Mom makes the rules

My guardian angel, my mother

My life is brilliant; I have my mom with me

I live with my mother, and I love her

Perfection to me is my mother

The wonder woman in real life is your mother

Mom’s got superpowers

Mother is the powerhouse of the family

No family is complete without the mother

My mother’s teaching has made me the man I am today

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