Slogans on Labour Day

Celebrate the day of labor with your all neighbor. 

Give laborers off one day to give them some rest. 

Labors work hard the whole year, don’t make them fools. 

Labors are your many hands, keep them happy and relaxed. 

Celebrate labor day to have some fun.

No work for laborers on labor day. 

Hug a worker on labor day and make him happy.

Labors work hard for you, celebrate a day for them. 

Let workers feel relaxed on labor day.

Happy labor day to all who really worked hard. 

Unite together to live in unity as it benefits in many ways. 

Give us time to enjoy, don’t harass us! 

We are happy, today is our day. 

We are happy to celebrate the spirit of hard work. 

Enjoy a restful day, it’s only yours! 

Labor day is to remember the effort of those who work hard.

Happy labor day! You really deserve this day of rest and relaxation. 

Hard work is the essence of success in any field.

There is no success without hard work. 

Workers play a great role in our big achievements, cheer them on labor day! 

Without labor nothing big is possible. 

To get work done in bulk we need labor. 

It’s workers who help us to reach the top, happy labor day. 

Take rest and re-energize yourselves, happy labour day.

Always employed mind is always happy, happy labour day!

A tree alone cannot make a forest! Celebrate labors day to respect the hard work. 

Hard work has the power to conquer everything. 

Have honor and respect for the workers, happy labour day. 

Have a safe, happy, and relaxing labour day. 

Workers are the strength of the company, give them respect and relax.

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