Father’s Day Taglines

I wouldn’t be here if my Dad wouldn’t be there

My role model who is also my best buddy

The hero who does not wear a cape, I just call him Dad

Happy Father’s day to the coolest Dad ever

Thank you, Dad, for being the most amazing father any child can have

The noblest element of this world are called fathers

Sometimes I wanna check your room and search where do you hide all your pain

The only person I love to moon and back is my Dad

Thank you for always being on my side, whether it was failure or success

You held my hand when I fall, allow me to hold your hand forever

Thank you for those scoldings I needed it to learn a lesson

Oh, Dad! you still give me a tough competition at the age of 50

Dad is the one who irons out your dream’s wrinkles so easily

Happy Father’s Day to the one who teaches us to differentiate right and wrong throughout the life

It’s easy to become a father but very difficult to be a real father

From the materialistic things to the valuable life lessons, you have given us everything

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