Sandwich Marketing Slogans and Taglines

Have a sandwich.

Honoured to be the dream of every person like you.

Treat yourself as the god of the universe.

Packed with flavours, full of veggies.

Because salads are boring, try it with me.

The sandwich that acts like a meal.

Buy a delicious sandwich and have a bunch of fun.  

Lettuce eat.

Go beyond the taste of any ordinary sandwich.

Two breads with a mixture of magic.

Always tasty yet very healthy sandwiches.

Love infused into a square.

Love infused into a triangle.

All I want is a sandwich.

We believe in the Tummy first policy.

We tried to do justice with the sandwiches.

They called us the avenger of sandwiches.

Let it go and have a sandwich.

Thinking is a process which a sandwich can accelerate.

Thinking too much? Grab a sandwich and enjoy your thinking.

Love infused between two breads.

Plateful of happiness.

Please don’t unfold me.

Get the correct nutrition every time you eat.

Enjoy every bite, thank me later.

Make someone happy, give them a pair of sandwiches.

Tasty as hell, healthy as heaven.

Taste which you can’t refuse. 

Always expect the best sandwich from us.

Overcome your fear for veggies with us. 

Experience the flavours of nature. 

Tenderise Meat, simple veggies can make an exotic sandwich.

Why do people love sandwiches? Ask us. 

Let’s make your midnight munching more amazing with us.

Never settle down without a finger licking sandwich. 

 Why do people lick every trace of our sandwiches?

Let us make you feel special with a Magical sandwich. 

We like it slovenly, that’s why we choose sandwiches. 

Make you fall in love with greens. 

Be humble just like our sandwich. 

The hallmark of a good sandwich.

Kick start your day with a pair of tasty sandwiches.

We are always proud to be eaten.

Restless working hours need a generous treat, treat yourself with us.

Sandwiches that please every taste palate.

Taste and fitness combined in a nutshell. 

Discover the exotic delicacy from our variety of sandwiches.

Example of an enjoyable meal every time you eat.

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