Fruit Juice Marketing Slogans

Fresh and Healthy.

Health in every sip.

Live life fresh and great.

Even more juicier.

Fresh fruits for your health.

Juice with all the nutrients.

For your daily dose of health.

It’s fruitier than ever.

Let’s live a better life.

Strengthens your immune system.

With all the ripe benefits.

Juice never tasted this good.

Mixed with nutrients.

Low calorie fruit juices.

Juicier then your gossips.

Naturally processed for your health.

Hand -picked fruits for delivering the best.

Treat your body with the best.

100% pure fruits.

Purity in every sip .

Freshness delivered to you.

Drink good, live good.

Authentic fruits for your taste bud.

Naturally for you.

Sunshine now served in bottle.

Packed keeping your taste in mind.

Stay fit, Stay active.

You will love it.

Juice for all occasions.

Morning breakfast now tastes better.

Loved by one and all.

Low calorie juice.

Relax and rewind.

Pack it for your picnic.

Refrigerate and serve for best taste.

Served best with friends.

Tastes delicious .

You will keep choosing us time and again.

Skip the junk go for the juice.

Include it in your diet.

It’s a whole new fruit world.

Try n it once you will love.

Ditch your pizzas and replace it with fruit juice.

Drink right grow bright.

Juice that makes you wants more.

Enjoy this like your dessert.

Organic juices from safe hands.

From our farms to your stomach.

Why live unhealthy when you have healthier options.

Living healthy now made easy.

A choice that makes you stand different.

You can trust on us.

We don’t compromise with your taste.

Enrich your body with the best.

You would have never tasted anything this better.

Tastes like heaven.

Fruits plucked by angels.

Helps you lose weight.

Cleanses your body from toxins.

Helps digestion in the long run.

Skip chewing the fruit, go for juice.

Adds glow to your skin.

Enriched with the best there is.

Controls your junk cravings.

Low-sugar drinks.

Manufactured with love and care.

Have it with any meal.

Increases metabolism.

Safe and secure for everyone.

Serve it to your guests and friends.

Contains no chemical ingredients.

Stay Hydrated all the time.

Protects against diseases.

Keeps you going on for more.

Clinically tested to cause no harms.

Contains Vitamin B5 and C.

Fights against foreign disease cells.

Helps redevelop body cells.

Boosts body energy.

Helps fight against sun damage.

Minimizes inflammation.

Doesn’t make you fat at all.

Helps you control your food potion.

Juices never tasted this yummy.

You will carry it everywhere.

One is never enough.

Tastes exactly like how you thought it to be.

Prefer us over your soda drinks.

Recommended by doctors.

Freshness has a new taste.

Good for your heart.

Helps uplift your mood .

Stay happy the entire day.

Tastes better than water.

Enriched with anti-inflammatory properties.

Shake it before use to get the best taste.

Never compromise with health.

Not your usual beverage.

We promise more than our label.

Improves blood circulation.

Raise your taste .

Treat your body to heavenly .

Make it a part of your routine.

You won’t like to cheat on us.

Nature’s gift is always the best.

Chosen by Gods.

Premium taste for our premium customers.

Have it sip by sip.

Keep your cool with us.

 A perfect drink for a sunny day.

Rare fruits, Real juice.

Finely squeezed to give you the best.

A bottle of goodness and happiness.

Happiness now made affordable.

Don’t tell us you don’t have a bottle of this?

Light juice for a better you.

Choose nature above the rest.

You will remember the name.

Available in all fruits.

We serve only seasonal fruit juices.

Tune into the inner you.

Look for us in any stores.

When you get fruits, make it a fruit juice.

Your health is always our priority.

Why not choose us?

Natural yet wild in taste.

Feel the difference.

Enter a new vibe.

Love yourself and choose us.

Its god creation.

New juice for the new generation.

Replace this with your cookies.

Stay true to you.

One bottle a day keeps you happy enough.

Keeps disappointments at bay.

Feeling Lethargic? Grab one.

We trust your choice.

Be loyal and choose us above others.

Get the perfect body with the perfect fruit juice.

Plenty of fruits mixed in one bottle.

A day without us is a day without the best.

Your early morning friend.

You can count on us.

Morning breakfast to midnight cravings, we replace it all.

Don’t think just drink it.

 A substitute for your milk .

You will finish it within seconds.

Grab it before someone else does.

Tropical fruits now even tastier.

Surprise in every sip.

We don’t let our secret ingredients out.

Magic in every sip .

Open the cap to know the magic.

Have it even during your tea-time.

It’s a good addiction.

Boom your mood.

People who drink fruit juice are more attractive.

Turn up your fruit level.

Be a fruit ninja.

Mixture of fruits and veggies.

Pasteurized product for your health concerns.

Blended all your favorite fruits in one bottle.

The kids will keep asking for more.

Loaded with healthy fibers.

Green juice for a clean you.

Enrich your diet by including fruit juice.

Helps keep your health track.

Essential minerals added just for you. 

Straight from the fields.

It’s a juice fiesta.

As sweet as nectar.

Brings out the inner you.

Fruits now made interesting.

Made for healthy bodies and smart minds.

Ignite your body chakras.

Its mouth watering.

Change  your dull diet choose us.

As amazing as you are.

The new generation drink for you.

A squash a day is enough.

You will gulp it quick.

Bring out your inner fruit.

You won’t stop till the last drop.

Have some fun.

Let your body enjoy.

Refreshing till the last sip.

Affordable juices.

Is really easy on your wallet and your health.

Revive and Rejuvenate like never before.

Every drop counts.

Water made tastier.

Loaded with love and plant based chemicals.

Goodness now filled in a glass.

Vanished within seconds.

It’s a need not an alternative.

Sharpens the brain.

Drink and become a fruit.

Unleash the magic with every sip.

Even the bees loved it.

Just juice it!

Giving you the right push of calories.

For the instant energy you need today.

Make the most of your fitness regime.

Made for the gym enthusiast.

Quench your thirst like a boss.

Giving you the energy along with the taste.

Zero preservatives added for double the benefit.

Making it as natural as it gets.

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