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Food Truck Marketing Slogans and Taglines

Even the prince dropped in by night to eat.

There is no protocol while eating with us.

There is no shame in ordering more.

Just three pizzas?  

We cover more than two to three towns.

Serving exclusively in the interiors.

Interiors designed to make cooking easy.

You will fight for every bite.

Take good care of your stomach.

Your smile is now our responsibility.

You won’t regret choosing us.

There is nothing known as “overeating”

Food now made even tastier than before.

Tastes better when ordered from us.

Mouth watering food served.

Affordable for one and all.

Yummy says your tummy.

This time we are ready to serve.

We attend food emergencies.

Served round the clock for your satisfaction.

Food? Travelling? Look for us.

Quality served  hot.

Food served smoking hot.

Let’s pretend this is a really clever tagline.

This truck is been driven by big time chefs.

Look for happiness in the kitchen.

Running behind food trucks should be counted as exercise too.

Crafted skillfully for your taste buds.

History of serving only quality.

Good food, Good Mood.

Desserts served chilled.

From the bottom of our trucks to your stomach.

Freshly tossed vegetables cut cooked for you.

You never know what goes on inside.

Something’s always cooking.

Food so good that you might steal some.

After all who doesn’t eat even if full.

Come, join us.

You wished you could take us home.

Know the best.

Tested and tasted to make you want more of it.

This truck has a higher mileage as it runs on your smile.

Voted as the ‘Truck of the Year’

This is not an alternative it’s a choice.

A parked food truck gets more customers.

Cooked so well, that will tempt you to buy more.

You can always smell us from across the street.

Not a single case of harsh driving.

Drive in not dine in.

We serve sandwiches and smiles.

Never will a day come when you won’t find us tempting.

Come taste before it’s over.

Salt added as per taste, truck  always driven in a good pace.

Locals recommended No.1.

Looking forward to serve you.

In the end it’s the food not the fuel.

Good food fuels you not fools you.

The food truck that makes people smile.

Here to serve you better.

Always hot and crispy.

Bigger and better than ever before.

The cooler way to serve fresh food.

Why travel miles for your taste buds?

Your appetizer is here!

Merrily driving through the town.

You’ll never go hungry again.

Quick! Grab a snack.

Nothing makes it better than us.

Switch on to the healthy lifestyle.

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