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Food Truck Marketing Slogans and Taglines

Considered to bring the best food.

Travelers look for us  more than tourists spots.

The seats are out, the kitchen is inside.

You can sit and eat on the roof too.

Drive with us or Eat with us.

You look happy and we know the reason.

If it doesn’t remind you of food, it isn’t worth it!

Street food and that too safe!

We are on the Map too!

Racing Food Trucks?

Foodies Matter.

The food you can’t get enough of.

Love it ? Recommend it!

We remember who we serve.

Menu changes faster than your mood.

Served hot just like you!

Desserts, served with love.

Baking pastries and tarts.

We charge a food ticket!

Buy, Sit and Eat.

The party is on us.

We won’t make you chase us!

Cheat on food, not on them!

After party made simpler.

Order and enjoy the food.

Call us and food will be at your doorstep.

Never lose our number.

Satisfaction served fast.

Fast food served even faster than before.

Hunger pangs should not go unanswered.

We are waiting to serve you.

Chefs serving finger licking food.

Try these on the go fries.

Serving faster than you could imagine.

Like it, then lick it!

We serve even for longer on weekends.

It’s all about you and food.

Happiness packed safely and served hot.

Mobile food services.

Fresh food served on the go.

We serve in all zones.

Promising that there is no disappointment served.

Ask us about the recipe not the price.

Huge and suitable to serve thousands in one go.

Who knew you could end up here?

The next time get your friend too.

Eat till your belly’s content.

The truck just smiled seeing you.

At the end of the day, it’s the food that matters.

Your new best friend.

Now why don’t you go out and get some more?

Reconsider going to the restaurant.

Food that makes you want more.

Don’t worry we have saved some for you too.

Tossed, Cooked just for you.

Look someone is in need for a taco.

Pizzas not served without you.

Come and catch us before we catch you.

Food that makes you drool.

Sit and eat.

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