Cooking Oil Slogans

An oil for your heart.

Get your cholesterol levels down.

You cannot ignore its health benefits.

Every recipe will taste better.

No saturated fats.

The taste of nature.

An olive oil that helps you live.

A doctor for your heart.

Fragrance of deliciousness.

A happy heart starts with a good oil.

A healthy oil for the healthy you.

Saturated with love, with unsaturated fats.

The best trans-fat free cooking oil.

Transform your food. Transform yourself. Into something better.

Even your grandma used to cook in our oil.

Authentic cooking oil for authentic dishes.

The first choice of every home-cook.

The most flavourful sesame oil in the market.

Meant for a healthy heart.

An oil made of love.

The fresh smell of health.

You cannot deny its goodness.

It looks after you.

For your own well-being.

The oil that is a natural cardiologist.

Even God will not say no to this oil.

Taste the goodness.

Made for the finest cooking.

Goes well with every cuisine.

Do not worry about the fat anymore.

For the sportsperson inside you.

For that nutty coconut flavor: coconut oil.

The oil the doctors prefer.

Eat plentiful, be beautiful.

A friend of your tastebuds.

Fresh oil keeping you fresh always.

The best quality cooking oil in the market.

Looks after you. Cares for you.

Your heart in this oil’s safe hands.

Prevents the rise of unsafe cholesterol.

Putting a carnival of flavors in your food.

Get health and taste together in one pack.

Pure oil for your pure health.

The joy of cooking. The joy of eating.

Restaurant grade cooking at home.

Trusted by generations.

People will now crave your cooking.

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