Chocolate Bar Slogans and Taglines

When in doubt, eat it out

Never too much chocolate

Literally, the best you can have

Chocolate for life

Eat chocolate because you deserve it

The finest cocoa

Bittersweet and filled with love

For your childly craving

Your PMS partner

Heavenly bite

A Chocolate Full of Fun

Feel the Best

Mistify your Senses

Feel your Imaginations

Making you Moments Happy

Full of Pure happiness

Crispy, Crunchy Every side

Comfort what you want

Sometimes Feel Special

Delicious is our Choice

Rich Fun Added

A lighter way of Happiness

Get lost with Nuts

Making Moments Specials

Open your Surprises

For the Love of yourself

Full of Chocolate Passion

Open the Delite bar

Love the NExt Pleasure

A Bite Full of heaven

A Rich Goodness in Every bite

A little joy for Everyone

Be Different In Every bite

Filled with Emotions

A Chocolate With Twist

Enjoy Moments with

Tender treasure

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